Deep in California’s barren Mohave desert, known for it’s incredibly harsh environment and scorching heat, Metal Mulisha rider Jimmy Fitzpatrick poached an airfield at an undisclosed location, along with a team of death defying thrill seekers including aviation stunt pilot Melissa Andrzejeswki and stuntman Andy Lewis, to pull of a one of kind project.


Jimmy Fitzpatrick has been riding, competing, and performing freestyle MX since he was a teenager, he’s also had an admiration for aviation since he was a young boy, and this past week he was able to incorporate both when he launched a no-handed backflip over pilot Melissa Andrzejeswki’s stunt plane as it raced just feet underneath him. The project took extreme coordination, timing, and a touch of insanity to pull off in the 120˙ desert heat and gusty winds that relentlessly tortured the crew. It involved Andrzejeswki’s threading the needle and flying through an incredibly narrow space, timed perfectly with Fitzpatrick soaring upside down no-handed on his dirt bike, and stuntman Andy Lewis balancing over a 100 foot gap 60 feet in the air, leaving absolutely no margin for error on anyone’s part without disastrous consequences.


“We have been trying to pull off this idea off for over a year now”, said Fitzpatrick. “Trying to get everyone together at one time, and find an airfield to poach was definitely a mission, but I’m stoked to say we pulled it off and made it happen despite the conditions we were faced with.” Look for more videos coming soon from the longtime Metal Mulisha team rider, as he sets his eyes on his next poaching mission and collaborating with his roster of death defying friends.


Fitzpatrick is Known for his adrenaline pumping Freestyle MX shows presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, Metal Mulisha, and Mickey Thompson that tour and perform all over the United States, and hopes to incorporate this stunt with pilot Melissa Andrzejeswki at future airshows and arenas. For more information on Jimmy Fitzpatrick, and to see the video of the project, visit