Factory Edge Piercing and Tattoo

Upper Level next to Sears

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    Walk-Ins Welcome

    Wether you just so happen to be walking by or are needing that spur of the moment Ink Fix, or piercing you have been wanting, we are a one stop shop!

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    Piercing and Tattoo Available!

    Full Custom Artwork. Which includes Full Color, Black And Grey, Traditional, New School, and Realism Styles Available. Let us bring your next tattoo alive! We also have on staff a Fully Licensed Piercer for all of your piercing needs.

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    Clean, Professional Enviroment

    We at Factory Edge believe in having a Completely Clean and Professional Environment for your next Tattoo and Piercing. We are also an 100% Fully Disposable Studio.

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    10000 Coors Blvd Bypass NW Suite D201

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